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In today’s complex security landscape, where hackers are finding new and bigger ways to breach networks at the drop of a (Black) hat and physical security risks continue to escalate, security and IT leaders are finding that their siloed defense mechanisms are no longer far reaching enough to ward off the next generation of threats.

New-generation access control systems that prioritize IT-centric identity management, access control and security management capabilities are creating a sea change not just in strengthening physical defenses, but also hardening networks to ensure a secure enterprise.

Join Scott Sieracki, CEO of Viscount Systems, on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern for an introduction and deeper perspective on the security impact of Freedom 9.2.B’s newly released physical and logical security integration features. In this interactive Webinar, Sieracki will provide an overview of the enhanced capabilities of Freedom 9.2.B, including:

  • True IT topology connects and interacts with cloud services
  • Elimination of control panels
  • Real-time authentication with Active Directory per card read
  • Built-in redundancy (no third-party application needed)
  • Built on a REST API, most commonly known as the language of the Internet
  • Supports FICAM 13.02, FIP201, UL and more

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