Viscount Partner Programs

Freedom software enables integration with third-party hardware and software solutions offering customers more choice. We are building partnerships with many leading developers of physical/logical security solutions as well data management, workflow, and analytics to ensure you can take advantage of the latest technologies and tailored security solutions.

Viscount’s partner products have been tested and certified to integrate with Freedom access control and video management systems. If your application requires integration with products from these manufacturers or products not on this list, our sales engineering team can help you make the right choice. Check with our Sales Application Engineering Team to learn more about specific applications and product models supported.

Freedom Platform Integration Program

The Freedom Platform Integration Program allows developers across industries to create powerful unified business and security applications. The program is based on the Freedom Open API and SDK which provides the framework for data sharing and communications with the Freedom Access Control and Event Management System.

This program provides specific guidelines and support throughout the development process ensuring fewer errors, more rigorous testing and future-proof integration. With the “Freedom Partner” signature, developers across all industries can leverage our ground-breaking software platform.

Using the Freedom SDK’s unique set of code and instructions, you can utilize subcomponents of the system to create, read, write and edit objects. With these essential components, you can develop integrated applications that link seamlessly with Freedom, creating powerful, converged business and security applications.

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