Welcome to our new website and blog! At Viscount, the entire team is excited about our ongoing mission to rethink access control. Part of that goal starts right here, in the launch of our new website, a dynamic resource for customers and partners, as well as our company blog, a place for innovative ideas and lively discussion around trends in access control, IT and physical security industries.

This is where we plan to share our thoughts — and hopefully start a conversation — on the big ideas that will shape and disrupt our industry as the worlds of physical, logical and cyber security continue to converge. We also plan to give you updates on new product development, technology trends, customer insights and more. Some days, we may just share whatever is on our mind.

Through the launch of this blog, we aim to provide a window into the ways in which we’re rethinking physical access control — first and foremost, by asking questions and challenging the conventional wisdom around how the technology fits into the larger enterprise IT and security framework. We will provide regular insight into the technology we are developing: software solutions that are sophisticated enough to protect today’s critical business assets, and flexible enough to keep up with the evolving IT infrastructures of government and private organizations.

Viscount’s innovative software provides freedom from the cost and cyber security risks associated with traditional access control hardware. It enables security leaders to more effectively control access to areas and resources in their enterprise, and fully leverage their investment in IT infrastructure.

So, we invite you to join in the conversation here, and also connect with us on social media via Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on our latest news. We will have a lot to share in the coming weeks and months.

Join us in rethinking access control.