The phrase “next generation” (or “next-gen,” for the hip and trendy) has been a favorite, catchall expression in the security industry, used to describe the latest iteration of anything from video surveillance to building automation.

In the world of access control, next generation solutions tout integration capabilities, advanced hardware, or panel-based bells and whistles, and compliance with standards that are, well, standard. It doesn’t take long to scratch the surface of these benefits and realize that “next generation” actually signifies the current generation of products that innovates at an incremental pace, which is too slow to beat the rate at which our access control challenges are growing.

But there’s a new sheriff in town: the “new generation” of physical access control solutions.

“New generation” access control solutions are a significant departure from our friends over at “next generation,” and here are just a few reasons why:

Solutions reach far beyond standard physical access control solutions
Enterprises are increasingly worried about the damage even one cyber breach could have to their organization, and siloed physical and logical access control systems are too costly and cumbersome to manage real-time credential updates. The new generation leverages encryption bridges to connect previously segmented systems and offer unprecedented protection on both fronts.

New generation solutions don’t make promises of improved hardware perks because…there are nonexistent. Traditional access control panels were necessary when little to no other information was processed on the network over IP, but in today’s increasingly connected world, these panels have now become serious cyber security vulnerabilities. New-gen solutions contain absolutely no hardware and are built for the growing IT department within enterprises to do what they do best: process the flow of data.

The new generation doesn’t follow standards; it creates new ones. Though once useful, many access control solutions are compliant with standards that no longer apply to a new breed of security threats. New generation solutions offer increased protection through compliance with stringent government regulations like FIPS-201. Unified access management platforms that adhere to these stricter standards, whose criteria evolve with the most current threat matrices, live in a category of their own that offers superior protection to a multitude of applications.

The new generation of access control is here. Be the leader within your organization that paves the way to fresh measurable results and new levels of safety across your organization.