This past June, the United States government confirmed not one, but two data breaches carried out by hackers in 2015, targeting sensitive and classified documents regarding security clearances, military intelligence and personal information for thousands of contracted personnel affiliated with the FBI, CIA and other federal agencies.

The recent breaches have exposed agencies nationwide to the significant challenges ahead when it comes to buckling down on cyber security and controlling access to information.

governmentOne of the most complex questions within the discussion on how to improve cyber security is how to implement a cost-effective, streamlined solution that is effective across all channels.

Viscount is a leader in the delivery of technology that protects government facilities by leveraging the power of the IT infrastructure to control access points and manage the identities of who is working or visiting locations on a daily basis. Its Freedom solution is different — it is an IT-centric access control system that eliminates the need for traditional access control panels. Instead, encryption bridges transform card readers into IP addressable devices.

Though the Freedom access control suite can conform and scale to a wide variety of environments, it is designed with federal regulations and standards in mind to deliver superior data encryption. Freedom also reduces the upfront costs of securing multiple agencies because there are no significant hardware or infrastructure investments needed, enabling the lowest upfront costs and allowing for long-term ROI.

Freedom is the only FICAM 13.02 PACS platform that does not have control panels and has met rigorous standards designed to protect the government’s confidential information. Freedom underwent a series of demanding tests to ensure that it is not vulnerable to unauthorized network access, and to this day it is one of the only solutions that passes all of the above requirements.

It is clear that a new approach is needed in the way we address access control vulnerabilities. Freedom is here.