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Existing Access Control Systems are Inherently Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

The U.S. Government has publicly disclosed the vulnerability of access control systems to cyber attacks:

Freedom Honored with 2015 GSN Homeland Security Award

Freedom Access Control has been honored as the Best Integrated System for HSPD-12/FIPS-201 in the Government Security News 2015 Homeland Security Awards.

The GSN Homeland Security Awards honor distinguished vendors of IT and physical security products and solutions, and recognizes federal, state, county and municipal government agencies or law enforcement agencies that implement a unique, functional solution to national security threats. Now in its seventh year, the Homeland Security Awards Program is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards programs covering the broad Homeland Security field.

Protecting the Nation’s Vital Government Infrastructure

FICAM (Federal Identity Credential and Access Management) is a U.S.-government initiative designed to improve the nation’s cyber security. The program addresses network-credentialing challenges and designs requirements for digital identity, credentialing and access control across government agencies to ensure IT security guidelines are met. As part of the FICAM testing process, Freedom underwent a series of stringent testing processes to ensure the system is not prone to any type of unauthorized network access.

The Freedom Federal Solution

Freedom is an IT-centric access control system that eliminates the need for traditional access control panels. Fully compliant with FIPS-201 and HSPD-12, Freedom leverages the power of the IT infrastructure to control access points through encryption bridges that transform card readers into IP addressable devices. Data is encrypted to eliminate the opportunity for cyber threats, ensuring a high level of security is maintained. Network complexity and upfront costs are immediately reduced due to a reduction in hardware and infrastructure investments, allowing users to meet strict budget requirements, and experience immediate and long-term return-on-investment.

Viscount is committed to delivering secure identity solutions that will meet the U.S. Federal Government and the access control industry. Viscount provides a system that permits future enhancements without changing components or the underlying infrastructure. The Freedom security software platform is the first physical access control system that utilizes IT enabled card access and software to eliminate the problems, limitations, and costs associated with traditional PACS solutions. Since Freedom is a software-based verses hardware-based PACS solution, the system is easily scalable and does not have limitations on the numbers of users, cards, events, alarm inputs, outputs, or client workstations. All of the complicated controller hardware configurations are replaced with small, energy efficient, encrypted IP devices that establish and maintain communication between the readers and the database. Viscount’s solution is designed to provide a PACS system that has lower maintenance cost, a less complicated installation and provisioning.

GAO (Gov’t Accounting Office) Report, “Federal Facility Cyber Security”, December 2014:

“DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) and GSA (Gov’t. Services Administration) should address cyber risk to Building and Access Control systems…as these systems are becoming more connected, their vulnerability to potential cyber attacks is also increasing.”

Between 2011 and 2014 the number of U.S. cyber incidents involving industrial controls systems increased 74%.

House Committee on Cyber Security/Infrastructure Protection, “Examining the Cyber Threat to Critical Infrastructure and the American Economy” March 16, 2011:

“A real-world threat emerged last year that significantly changed the landscape of targeted cyber attacks on industrial control systems. Malicious code, dubbed Stuxnet, was detected in July 2010. DHS analysis concluded that this highly complex computer worm was the first of its kind, written to specifically target mission-critical control systems.”

The Obama Administration has mandated that all federal departments upgrade access control systems to resist penetration by hackers.

There are no control panels, associated labor or third-party hardware needed since the system can run on any server environment (conventional servers, virtual servers, private/public cloud or on a Freedom appliance). The entire client architecture is also 100% web-based lowering the cost per door. These features help reduce expansion costs and annual maintenance costs, and delivers the lowest total cost of ownership.
Card holder records, configuration parameters and card reader event history exist within Freedom. All this data is kept protected behind IT security standards.
Freedom works with applications that run on virtual machines, in a cloud environment or on physical servers. It can also integrate with hardware solutions that conduct authentication, authorization and portal control.
Engineered for networking beyond internal communication among core PACS components, Freedom utilizes real-time data to obtain situational awareness relating to asset protection, apply policy-based control measures in response to threat and operations conditions, and share information with subscribed stakeholders (people, systems or devices). This helps to support planned organizational responses for maintaining personnel safety and asset security.
The solution provides scalability for additional server applications. Freedom can run on a single server, on a virtual machine in a data center or the cloud, and provides high availability and high redundancy in the same way that Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube deploy their massively-scaled high-performance systems.
Enabling a unified physical and logical identity and access management, and common credentialing, through native support for corporate directory and identity management system integration, and for online authentication systems.
Freedom allows users to configure system integration via established standards rather than vendor-specific APIs and SDKs.
Providing direct support (no third-party devices or middleware) for digital certificate-based authentication, including all levels of U.S. federal PIV Card (FIPS-201) and corporate PIV-I identity authentication assurance. Freedom also includes support for all of the capabilities in NIST 800-116, having passed rigorous federal testing to appear on the FIPS-201 Approved Product List.
Freedom supports configurable authentication requirements and is based on a combination factors including location, biometrics, personal knowledge, physical tokens, real-time digital tokens and behavior. The system allows escalation or relaxation of the n-factor count requirement based upon threat level and other conditions.
Freedom accommodates a full spectrum of card-readers, cards and electronic credentials, and especially native support for credential technologies with high-security features like challenge/response protocols and biometrics.

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