What is Freedom Enterprise?

Viscount is a leading pioneer and innovator of the next generation, IT-centric access control and identity management applications. Viscount’s Freedom application platform allows seamless unification of the physical and logical security worlds by replacing discrete, self-contained systems with an integrated security system that is sophisticated enough to protect today’s critical business assets, and flexible enough to keep up with the evolving IT infrastructures of government and private organizations.

Our purpose is to fundamentally change the way physical access control is deployed and managed in the enterprise.

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What Can Freedom Do for Me?

Freedom is a new approach to access control that can easily integrate with IT infrastructure, leverage advanced cloud computing methodologies, enable virtualization and mobility, and minimize threats from cyber attacks. Freedom offers a new paradigm from both a technology and deployment model, enabling a unique opportunity to move physical access control out of the realm of “facilities” and into the enterprise IT infrastructure where it is more easily managed by IT security managers and CSOs.

Viscount’s Freedom Enterprise is an open platform, web-based software solution designed to integrate identity management (IDM) and video surveillance. It’s forward-thinking design can help your enterprise environment improve security and operations with:

There are no limits to schedules, access groups, controlled areas, business partitions or the number of users. Assigning access privileges along with start and expiry dates is extremely simple with Freedom’s web-based interface.
A change in threat level will instantly cause a local or global change of access privileges. Administrators can apply rules to specific events to ensure that access to specific areas is monitored and restricted.
Presentation of a card to a card reader, or simply an activation of an emergency push button, can affect as many output relays as necessary. This means that one card read can lock, unlock or lockdown an entire building or floor. A card reader can also be set-up as a switch. One card can then activate a relay or multiple relays, to control lights or other third party devices.
It is easy to set-up sophisticated logic to control output events. Multiple inputs, such as door sensors or emergency buttons, can be programmed to automatically create outputs, such as alarms or activate third party devices.
Upon a forced evacuation event, Freedom provides multiple ‘who is missing’, muster reports. There is no need to run to a muster station; just present a card to any reader in the safe zone.
Freedom offers seamless integration with Viscount’s Enterphone Telephone Entry. Freedom can centrally manage one panel or network multiple Enterphone panels for more complex and integrated visitor management and card access applications.
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See How Freedom Enterprise Works

Freedom provides access control management through doors, gates and elevators.
It provides emergency evacuation mustering, video integration and central alarm management.

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What Does This Mean for Me?

Freedom “looks and acts” like most IT enterprise security application, unlike the traditional access control “systems”.  Freedom is built on the same security paradigms used in the logical/ID management side of the enterprise – we “provision doors” the way they provision other IT assets – allowing Freedom to fit into the overall logical/ID security strategies in a more “harmonious and unified” deployment. In effect, what Freedom does is take “doors” out of the realm of physical barriers and turn them into another IT asset that is provisioned based on identities, policies and attributes instead of departments and physical location. A customer can now for the first time seamlessly unify the physical/logical and now cyber security strategies and more fully leverage their investment in IT infrastructure and resources.

The Viscount Advantage

Say goodbye to expensive and proprietary panels. Freedom makes them unnecessary.
With Freedom you don’t have local panels or databases, increasing your cyber security.
Software is installed on a nonproprietary server and can be deployed virtually across multiple servers or in the cloud.
Leveraging existing IT infrastructure and resources make Freedom more cost-effective to deploy and easier to secure and support.
Physical and logical security applications share a common database (Active Directory) for perfect synchronicity.
Use real-time data and policy-based rules to respond to threats in accordance with enterprise business continuity planning and risk assessment.

Physical Logical Unified Solution (PLUS) for Active Directory

Freedom PLUS can be configured to authenticate users and groups within Active Directory so that they also define physical access rights. The security administrator can assign card numbers, group access rights, schedules and zones to Active Directory users and groups not managed by IT. In this deployment, the Freedom server is an authorization caching server. The direct link to the authoritative Active Directory database enables real-time access control queries and decisions. A single user identity is easily maintained within the organization that controls both logical and physical access:  disabling a user account with Active Directory automatically revokes logical access to computer and network resources and also physical access.

Peer-to-Peer Directory Synchronization

Freedom integrates with an organization’s existing Identity Management system or HR employee database, without requiring duplicate data entry or ongoing maintenance. Identities, roles and policies are synchronized across all Freedom network appliances and door controllers in real-time so security settings are always updated and never outdated.

An Enterprise Solution

Freedom is a highly scalable and enterprise-class flexible solution. Start with one card reader and use the same architecture to deploy 1000’s of card readers. From a small organization to global enterprises dealing with multiple locations and time zones, Freedom is a future-proof, scalable and powerful access control solution for enterprise customers.

Manage Access within a Virtual Server Environment

Freedom Virtual is a physical access control system (PACS) that is VMware Ready for deployment in a virtual server environment, eliminating the need to maintain separate, stand-alone server(s) or dedicated network appliance(s). Freedom’s innovative access control solution is designed for organizations that have migrated their IT infrastructure to a secure, private cloud environment, allowing them to maintain enterprise-grade physical security without the risk of storing sensitive information on a shared server hosted in a public cloud.

Integrated Security Management Platform

Freedom Enterprise is a web-based, access control application that leverages an open architecture, integrates a range of security management functions and devices. Organizations of any size can integrate physical security devices such as card readers, ID management, visitor entry, alarm points, and video applications. Video management systems can be easily added to Freedom for a single, comprehensive system. Organizations with supported third-party video management systems can also integrate Freedom software.

It’s Time to Rethink Your Access Control

Over the last 30 years, physical access control systems architecture has remained largely unchanged. It’s time for a different approach. Learn how a new generation of access control network infrastructure can increase your security and improve your IT ROI.

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