Freedom Encryption Bridges

The Freedom Bridge is a powerful way to deploy an access control system. The solution connects door hardware to IT-networks for encrypted communication to servers. All system configuration, administration and monitoring is performed using a common web browser. Simplified architecture reduces system complexity and lowers the total cost of ownership.

What Can Freedom Bridge Do For Me?

Freedom is typically installed on an existing network. Fault tolerance and resiliency strategies that ensure network security and reliability, automatically apply to Freedom. The Freedom architecture offers risk mitigation for every scenario. Application and database servers operate virtually or on dedicated hardware with redundant power supplies, network connections and hard drive storage. Synchronized redundant servers can be implemented across the network to mitigate both server and network failure. Every Freedom Bridge can establish and maintain communication with up to three different servers, automatically switching to another available server, if required.

  • Complex control panel hardware configurations are replaced with compact, energy efficient Freedom Bridge devices. This simplifies communication between door hardware and Freedom servers using encrypted IP-network protocols.
  • Simplified architecture installation ensures rapid deployment with minimal training requirements.
  • System configuration, administration and monitoring are all performed using a web-based user interface.

See How it Works

Bridges for card readers communicate with Freedom software residing on Freedom servers. Data is received from card readers, encrypted and sent via IP to a Freedom server for processing. Relays on the Freedom Bridge are activated by commands from a Freedom server.
Optionally, a Freedom Bridge can act autonomously, based on a contact closure. The Freedom Bridge also has supervised inputs for monitoring door contacts and “request to exit” (REX) devices.

Elevator Control Bridge

The Freedom 24 relay bridge can be configured to limit elevator access within a facility and only activate specific floor buttons based on the user, group, schedule, etc. It also supports two elevator cab readers over, RS-485, using a Wiegand to RS-485 converter located at the reader.

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