Introducing Freedom 9.2.B

Discover a newfound freedom in the latest update in Viscount’s next-generation Freedom Access Control platform, Freedom 9.2.B. The update provides a complete enterprise solution using attribute-based access control and Active Directory integration that leverages native IT infrastructures to unify physical security systems.

What’s New In Freedom 9.2.B?

Viscount Freedom 9.2.B provides more in-depth integration with IT architectures to deliver a comprehensive enterprise-class security solution. Real-time authentication with Active Directory allows for instantaneous data syncing from the directory to the card reader and leverages AD to provision attribute-based access to the physical space, allowing AD to become the authoritative source for permissions across logical and physical networks.

Freedom 9.2.B continues to be a Web-based physical access control solution designed to fit seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures, and support business continuity planning. Built on a REST API, Freedom acts like most IT applications, enabling businesses to future-proof installations at a lower cost than other end-to-end PACS solutions. It is also flexible enough to support smaller deployments via the Freedom CUBE appliance with a very competitive price point and the convenience that comes with a browser-based software platform.

  • Freedom looks and acts like any enterprise IT security application
  • True IT topology connects and interacts with cloud services
  • Freedom is cyber secure, and continuously updates to address emerging vulnerabilities
  • The potential for system breaches is reduced through the elimination of control panels
  • Real-time authentication with Active Directory per card read
  • Built-in redundancy (no third-party application needed)
  • Complete Web-services application built on a REST API, known as the language of the Internet
  • Supports FICAM 13.02, FIP201, UL and more

Key Benefits

Freedom Bridges connect to the door hardware and communicate with the Freedom CUBE using encrypted IP network protocols.
Helps to ensure rapid deployment with minimal training requirements.
System configuration, administration and monitoring are all performed using a web-based user interface.
Freedom detects organizational units (OU) and security groups to enable users to choose groups to import, map user attributes, provision physical access to facilities, confirm user validity through AD at every card swipe and more.
Displays access control events and stores them for customized reporting.
Provides integrated identity solution from a central location through Active Directory for photo capture, badge generation and real-time syncing directly to the card reader.

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