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Today’s secure enterprises require a new approach to access control that can easily integrate with IT infrastructure, leverage advanced cloud computing methodologies, enable virtualization and mobility, and minimize threats from cyber attacks. Viscount breaks this paradigm from both a technology and deployment model, thereby enabling a unique opportunity to move access control into the enterprise IT infrastructure where it is more easily managed.

Freedom Access Control is designed like any IT application — built on the same security paradigms used in the logical/ID management side of the enterprise. With Freedom, access points are provisioned like other IT assets. This approach allows organizations to align overall logical and identification security strategies with organizational and business strategies. With Freedom, enterprises can seamlessly unify physical, logical and cyber security strategies,  and more fully leverage investments in IT infrastructure and resources.

Freedom is an open platform, Web-based security management solution. Freedom combines access control management with cyber security protection to provide a highly scalable platform that easily integrates with other networked-based systems and solutions.

Leveraging Freedom, users can establish a unified security platform that dramatically reduces infrastructure investments and ensures long-term return on investment.

Learn more about the benefits of a converged approach to logical and physical security. Access our new white paper.

The Viscount Advantage

Say goodbye to expensive and proprietary panels. Freedom makes them unnecessary.
With Freedom you don’t have local panels or databases, making you less vulnerable to cyber security attacks.
Software is installed on a non-proprietary server and can be deployed virtually across multiple servers or in the cloud – giving users the ability to update in real-time.
The ability to leverage existing IT infrastructure and resources makes Freedom more cost-effective to deploy and easier to secure and support.
Physical and logical security applications can share a common database (Active Directory) for perfect synchronicity.
Freedom Virtual is a physical access control system (PACS) that is VMware Ready for deployment in a virtual server environment, eliminating the need to maintain separate, stand-alone servers or dedicated network appliances. Freedom’s innovative access control solution is designed for organizations that have migrated their IT infrastructure to a secure, private cloud environment, allowing them to maintain enterprise-grade physical security without the risk of storing sensitive information on a shared server hosted in a public cloud.

An IT Approach to Access Control

No control panels, associated labor or third-party hardware are needed. Freedom runs on any server environment (i.e. conventional servers, virtual servers, private/public cloud or on a Freedom CUBE.)

The entire client architecture is 100% Web-based, reducing installation and expansion costs, annual maintenance resulting in a substantially lower total cost of ownership.

Card holder records, configuration parameters and card reader event history reside within Freedom’s software. Data is protected behind IT managed servers and is not exposed in local control panels.

Freedom works with applications that run on virtual machines, in a cloud environment or on physical servers. It can also integrate with hardware solutions that conduct authentication, authorization and portal control.

Freedom utilizes real-time data to obtain situational awareness relating to asset protection, applies policy-based control measures in response to threats, and shares information with subscribed stakeholders.

A high-speed, server-based engine allows users to take immediate action on access roles and policies. Data is gathered in real-time on threat levels, personnel presence/location data, access zone compromises and environmental safety conditions.

Freedom can run on a single server, on a virtual machine in a data center or in the cloud, and provides high availability and tiered redundancy in the same way today’s mobile secure enterprises deploy massively-scaled high-performance systems.

Freedom confirms with an IT department’s technology roadmap, policies and practices to minimize risk.

Enabling a unified physical and logical identity and access management, and common credentialing, through native support for corporate directory and identity management system integration, and for online authentication systems.

Freedom allows users to configure system integration via established standards rather than vendor-specific APIs and SDKs.

Providing direct support for digital certificate-based authentication, including all levels of U.S. Federal PIV Card (FIPS-201) and corporate PIV-I identity authentication assurance. Freedom also includes support for NIST 800-116, having passed rigorous federal testing to appear on the FIPS-201 Approved Product List.

All functionality, including the attributes of presence and location, are available on a mobile device. Users can perform real-time device authentication and acceptance.

Freedom supports configurable authentication requirements and is based on a combination factors including location, biometrics, personal knowledge, physical tokens, real-time digital tokens and behavior.

Freedom accommodates a full spectrum of card readers, cards and electronic credentials, and native support for credential technologies with high-security features.

Freedom Enterprise

Freedom Enterprise

Freedom is a highly scalable and flexible enterprise-class solution. Start with one card reader and use the same architecture to deploy thousands of card readers. From a small organization to global enterprises dealing with multiple locations and time zones, Freedom provides a future-proof, scalable and powerful access control solution for every enterprise customer.

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Freedom Government

Freedom Government

Freedom Government is an extensive portfolio that makes it easier for U.S. government agencies, government contractors and other entities to comply with security regulations. As a FICAM / FIPS 201 approved technology, the solution allows government agencies to meet compliance, reduce costs, remove complexities and heighten security.

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Access Control Bridges

Access Control Bridges

The Freedom Bridge enables a powerful way to deploy access control systems. Our bridges connect door hardware to the IT network and provide encrypted communication to servers.

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Freedom CUBE

Freedom CUBE

A Web-based access control network applicant for small-to-medium enterprise environments with 64 doors or less. This flexible system allows for a range of applications from single sites to distributed physical security management systems.

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